Cheap Flights

I flew to the other side of the world for $500 usd!

The cost of flights are arguably one of the most expensive parts about traveling – especially when flying with a family!

If you haven’t yet read about the best ways to save money on flights, I highly recommend that you do so. It’s long, but packed full of helpful information!

To be brief, there are a few methods that can help you find cheap flights:

Mistake Fares: Incredibly low flight prices that are accidentally made available online, and you need to book them before the airline corrects their mistake. There are to companies that search for these mistakes and share them with the public. GOING and the Dollar Flight Club. Be sure to sign up for their mailing lists!

Use A VPN: Dynamic pricing is a tactic used by airline companies to charge different amount of money to different people, based on geolocation and other data. Here’s the VPN that I use daily! Be sure to learn how to use a VPN to combat dynamic pricing.

Be Flexible: Most people can only take a specific week off of work, which usually forces you to buy a plane ticket on a specific date. Being flexible with your dates has allows you to find the best deal within a specific timeframe.