Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance is critical to protecting your trip and your finances.
Don’t let your trip get spoiled! Hello from Flåm, Norway!

If you don’t know a whole lot about Travel Insurance, I highly suggest that you read these articles:

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There are currently 3 Travel Insurance companies that are recommended by SoloTravel365.

There are many companies to choose from, however, after reading countless reviews, searching through countless sites, and reading through loads of statistics, I have come to the conclusion that the Travel Insurance Companies listed below are among some of the most honest and trustworthy companies that are available today. Purchase with confidence!

Here’s what I recommend:

Quickly fill out each form/required information, and receive a quote from each. After you have done this, then read what the policies include or don’t include. Compare and contrast them with each other to make a proper decision.

WN Nomadic Insurance (Tourist)

SW Nomad Insurance (Tourist)

SW Remote Health Insurance (Working Abroad)

Remember: Price is not always the most important factor.

Happy travels!