New Language

One of the coolest things about traveling to different countries is to be able to speak with local people in THEIR language. I have learned all sorts of phrases in different languages – and when I use them with locals, they are almost always shocked!

By learning a bit of the language before I arrive, I am able to easily grow my vocabulary after I get there. When people speak to me, I try to listen and repeat.

Without a small ‘base’ of the language before arrival – it will all just sound like gibberish. If you are planning to visit a foreign country, please learn some of the language before you arrive. Your trip will be so much more amazing because of it!

You can get a 7 Day Free Trial to the app that I use. It’s ridiculously cheap, so don’t worry. It’s only like $.50 per day!

learn a new language before traveling abroad
I seriously love this program!

Basically, each lesson is about 30 minutes. If you did one lesson every day, you would be speaking quite a bit of your target language within just 30 days! How cool would that be?

What I like about this program is the structure. It’s so basic and simple. It’s not a flashcard system. Yuck.

These are recordings of native speakers saying simple phrases & you must repeat. In addition, there is a person explaining everything to you as well so you actually understand what is happening. It’s done so perfectly! I personally like to write each new word in my notebook. I learn ridiculously fast by doing this!

Did you learn to speak your first language with flashcards? Reading? Writing? Grammar? Absolutely not! You listened to your parents and simply repeated. That, in my opinion, is the best way to learn! Grammar, reading, and writing can all come later – if you choose.

I hope you enjoy learning your target language as much as me! 🙂

fast way to learn a new language