11 Really Daring Ways to Choose Your Next Country To Visit

Have you been traveling the world for a while and are not sure how to choose your next country? Or maybe it’s your first time solo traveling and want to get a little bit creative. Well, I have a few ideas for you. In fact, I have many possible ideas. I encourage you to read through the list and determine which particular method would be fun for you to use. Just remember, no cheating!

Crazy Ways You Can Choose Which Country To Visit Next

  1. Based Off of Your Interests
  2. Create a Poll on Social Media
  3. Draw a Country Name Out of a Hat
  4. Based on Flag Colors
  5. Country with Specific Religion
  6. Country with Specific Food
  7. Deck of Cards
  8. Random Country Generator 
  9. Random Numbers
  10. Ask The Next Store Clerk
  11. Dartboard
Exploring the architecture of Jodhpur, India.

1) Based Off of Your Interests

I recently made an article about how to choose a country to visit based on your interests – you should check it out. The basics are that you simply determine what interests you the most about traveling, and then choose a country that offers a lot of that particular thing.

2) Create a Poll on Social Media

Open up your YouTube account, your Twitter account, your Facebook account, or some other social media account and create a poll that allows people to choose which country that you should visit. If the polls will not allow for roughly 195 different possibilities, then simply ask people which country that you should visit and, they will type it in the comments. Add up which country has the most votes. That is your next destination!

3) Draw a Country Name Out of a Hat

This is just like it sounds. Take a moment and print out the names of every country in the world. Cut them in individual pieces and put them in a hat or a bowl. Decide who gets to do the honors. But don’t get angry at the person if they choose a country that you don’t want to visit.

4) Based on Flag Colors

What two colors are you wearing most right now? Is it red and white? Is it blue and black? Write these two colors down. Now, visit this site and choose the flag that has the highest percentage of both of those colors. 

5) Country with Specific Religion

This is similar to number one, however, we are talking about religions. Are you a worshipper of a particular faith? Are you interested in learning more about a different religion? Pick a particular religion that you are interested in, and visit the country that has this religion as the dominant religion. If there are multiple countries that largely practice a particular religion, you can write them all down and use another method to choose from the remaining countries.

A Hindu statue in Bihar, India

6) Country with Specific Food

Do you want to visit a country that is good at cooking a particular type of food? Is there a food that you have always wanted to try? Or maybe you want to visit a country that has food which is very similar to what you are used to eating in your home country (maybe you are a bit too nervous to eat other types of food). After you have determined the meal or the type of food, research which country apparently does it the best. 

Trying street food somewhere in Rajasthan, India.

7) Deck of Cards

Actually, you will probably need three decks of cards. Write the names of all of the countries in the world on the cards. One country per card. Write the name on the side of the card next to the number or the suit. Now, it is time to play The ultimate Game of War. The player who officially loses usually has one single card remaining. The country on the final card (from the losing opponent) will be the country that you must visit. This game usually takes a long time. But the results will be dramatic!

8) Random Country Generator

This is the fastest way to choose your next country. Once you open up this page, you will get an option to click the refresh button. The country flag that appears is your next destination. You only get one click. No cheating!  

I did a test-run and the system chose Moldova for me.

9) Random Numbers

Print out an official list of all of the countries in the world. Have a friend write numbers next to each country. Start with one, and increase until no more countries remain (should be around 195). Once your friend is finished, it is now time to choose a random number in your head. Your friends cannot give you any hints, and you are not allowed to watch them as they write the numbers. After you choose a number, compare it to your friends list. You will now see which country you are visiting next. 

10) Ask The Next Store Clerk

This might be one of the strangest options of all. The next time you go to a grocery store or convenience store, simply ask the clerk to pick any country in the world from the top of their mind. Do not tell them why, however. Because if you do, they may choose a country to intentionally make you happy or make you upset. Just ask them to pick any country in the world. Whatever country that they say will be your next country! 

11) Dartboard

Get an old map with a nice sharp dart. Either go outside or pin it up in a safe location in your house. Step back at least 10 long steps and throw the dart. Whichever country your dart hits is the country that you will visit. If the dart lands on the border, remove the dart, and determine which country has the majority of the hole. If the hole is absolutely dead center, then step back and throw again.

*Side note:  

1) Be sure to search for the Sovereign Nations rather than countries. Unfortunately, places like Taiwan are not considered a country…even if the world sees it as one.

2) Maybe you should choose one of the above methods from a hat (at random). Why? Because you could choose you could choose #4 and simply wear specific clothing on the day that you plan to choose the country. Cheating lol. So, maybe you should randomly select one of the above choices…and then follow the directions from there.

Do you know anyone who is crazy enough to visit a country by using one of these methods? If so, share this article with them! 


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