32 Signs From Work That Your Job Sucks

It’s no secret that one of our least favorite parts about our life is our job. Not too many people have a job that they can honestly label as ‘fun’. For some reason or another, there is something happening at the workplace that makes your day, and ultimately your life, unbearable. Here are some of the most common reasons that people hate their job. These are signs that you need to take a break and start enjoying this little thing we call ‘solo traveling’.

Can you count how many pertain to you? Each is worth one ‘point’. Start counting.

Here Are 32 Signs That Your Job Literally Sucks

Local people make you feel appreciated. Hello from Manila, Philippines!

1) Lack of Appreciation

It doesn’t matter how much above and beyond that you do for your boss or your company, your paycheck will be the same and nobody will acknowledge that you gave extra effort. You are only a number.

2) You are Micromanaged

Almost every part of your job is pre-planned for you. You are not allowed to think for yourself and be more efficient than what the company allows. Follow their rules without questioning anything.

3) Your Coworkers are Lazy

All of the co-workers in your department should be working as a team to accomplish a task, but there are always a few individuals who don’t do their share and leave the other co-workers, including yourself, to do the extra work of the lazy people. And, your boss is totally oblivious to the situation. Don’t try to bring this up in a meeting, because you will be the one who is considered as ‘lazy’.

There are no lazy co-workers to annoy you here. Hello from Iceland!

4) Redundancy

Every day after arriving to work at a specific time, you do the same thing over and over and over again. This monotony never seems to go away. It feels like everyday is like the movie Groundhog’s Day. Rinse and repeat with no end in sight.

5) Unbelievably Boring

You swear that you have the most boring job on planet Earth. Usually, this involves repetition, But not always. 

Learning new cultures is never boring. Hello from Vietnam!

6) Coworkers are Unreliable

It feels like you are the only employee who actually takes your job seriously and does the right thing. If someone asks you to do something, you get it done without question. If you ask anyone else to help you, you must spend more time teaching them how to do it than it would take to do it yourself. And they either don’t do it, or it just ends up being late. You have learned that it’s better just to do everything yourself.

7) Angry Customers

You swear that you have the worst job in the world because the customers who call are always extremely angry. Sometimes you pause with your finger on the phone to prevent the next call from coming in. You need to mentally prepare for the next customer. When you finally take the next call, your prediction was correct..yet another angry customer.

No angry customers here. Just kids who asked me for a selfie. Hello from India!

8) Work More, Get Paid the Same

Your boss asks you to accomplish another project on top of your current workload. They also expect you to do it within the same amount of time, as well. In addition, at the end of the week, your paycheck does not increase. You are doing more work without any financial incentives at all.

9) It’s About Money, Not About What’s Right

It is clear and apparent that after being at your company for so long, that your company does not care at all about the customer. They only care about profits. Every decision that is made has one vision in mind, “how can we increase profits by cheating the customer without them knowing?”

10) Understaffed, You Work Like a Slave

Your company knows that the call volume has been backed up every single day for weeks, months, or maybe even years. However, the company does not care. They will never add more staff to answer the calls. Why? Because they would rather have the employees working like a slave than hire more staff and have a small 10 second gap between each call to give their employees a small break. It’s always about profits!

11) You Am Smarter Than Your Boss

How in the world your boss has a higher position than you, is a mystery. You understand so much more about this company and the business model than they ever will. Yet, you have to listen to your boss to lecture you every single day of your life. He simply doesn’t understand. It is so frustrating!

No boss in sight. Hello from Jodhpur, India!

12) Penalized if Sick

You call into work and tell them that you will not come in today because you are ill and you do not want to spread the illness to other co-workers. And as a result, one of your vacation days are removed. Being sick is not an excuse.

13) If Weather is Bad, We Still Work (Outdoor Employees)

Working outside during the day is no problem, but if there are thunderstorms and heavy rains all day, then you have to put on the raincoats and work outside all day long. It is absolutely miserable in every way. Your company stops for nothing.

If you get stuck in the rain, you might as well laugh about it. Hello from Vietnam!

14) No Employee Parking (Pay To Be At Work)

Working in the city has major disadvantages. Your company doesn’t even have employee parking. You have to pay money to simply park your car to go to work. Basically, you are paying to go to work. Unbelievable.

15) Planning Must Be Done AFTER Work Hours (Unpaid)

You work 40+ hours every week and there is a whole list of planning and coordination that must happen on your behalf. But, this planning is not scheduled during your working hours. This leaves no choice but to complete it after hours. You do not get paid for this work. You are working for free.

16) Forced Overtime

You work in a special company where you are forced to come into work on your day off because the call volume is particularly high. You have no option. If you are on a mini-vacation and 5 hours away from work, you will be penalized because you did not return to the office quick enough. If the call volume is high, you are required to return to work. You have no personal life.

The only thing close to ‘overtime’ is a layover. Hello from the Philippines!

17) Break is Too Short

You work at a big company. Once break time comes, you are able to go to the break room for a few moments. However, after the time it takes you to get out of your seat and walk all the way to the break room, it is almost time to turn around and start walking back to your seat. The distance is too far. Your breaks should be 15 minutes, but your actual time of freedom is about 3 minutes. Lunch breaks are so small that you have to eat your food like a Hyena to make sure that you are not late when you return back to your desk.

18) Terrible Chairs

There’s almost nothing worse than sitting in a hard chair all day. It provides no comfort for your butt or your back. You’re constantly moving around and shifting your position to find a comfortable spot. You have never found a comfortable spot. 

19) Dress Code

You are forced to wear and unbelievably stupid uniform. You feel like a complete moron every day. You hope that nobody in your personal life sees you wear this outfit.  Or, maybe you work at a call center where you answer the phone. You have never even seen a customer face-to-face, yet, you are still forced to dress as if you are trying to get elected for president.

No dress code here. Wear anything you want! Hello from Flåm, Norway!

20) The Company is Cheating the Customer

It is so obvious how this company cuts corners intentionally, which then reduces the quality of the overall product/service to the customer. Increasing profits is the only language your company knows. Every time you talk to the customer, you feel like you are lying to their face.

21) Pointless Meetings

You sit and listen to absolutely pointless and unbelievably boring meetings that teach you absolutely nothing that you didn’t already know. It is a waste of time, money, effort, and energy.

22) Pointless Paperwork

There are so many times where you need to fill out paperwork that is completely pointless and a waste of everyone’s time. In addition, the paperwork is completely inefficient!

23) Obnoxious Coworkers

You have co-workers who always whisper to each other during meetings, tell dirty jokes in the break room, or blatantly make fun of other employees when the boss is not nearby. Will people ever grow up?

Definitely no obnoxious co-workers here. Hello from Vietnam!

24) Underpaid

Your president, chairman, and CEO of your company live in mansions and drive unbelievably expensive cars, however, for some reason can’t afford to pay their employees a wage that helps people survive in an age where prices are overinflated.

Both you and your spouse are working together full time and barely earn enough money to make ends meet for your family. It doesn’t matter if you work extra hard, you are never rewarded. Your work directly impacts the livelihood of other human beings, yet you are paid a wage as if you were sweeping the floor at a fast-food restaurant.

25) Bare Minimum Raises

Your boss has indicated that you’re going to receive a raise, and when you hear the amount of your raise, you nearly choke on your own vomit. 

26) No Holiday Vacations

When you look at the calendar, you notice a major national holiday is soon approaching. Then, you received an email from your company stating that everybody must continue to work. If you want to enjoy the holiday, you must use your own personal vacation time. A holiday is no excuse to stop working.

27) Can’t Sit Down

You work on your feet all day. It is very rare that you get a chance to sit down. If you do stop for a moment and sit, you could be punished.

28) Terrible/No Benefits

Even though you work full-time and dedicate your life to this company, you are rewarded with absolutely terrible benefits or none at all. A massive portion of your paycheck goes to pay for the benefits that the company should automatically be providing, but chooses not to.

27) Clean Up The Mistakes of Coworkers

Some of your coworkers continuously make mistakes, and it is up to you to fix these problems. Does anyone notice this? Nope. You have to clean up their mess or you will be blamed. 

28) Outdated Equipment

Our company is at the forefront of its industry. We provide a product or service that is superior to many of our competitors. However, employees are using outdated equipment. Chairs are old, the carpet is old, the building is old, even the computers that you are using are ancient.  

29) Forced To Lie About Your Opinions

Whenever you are at a meeting and your superiors asks if there are any questions or opinions, everyone in the room already knows not to open their mouth and say what is on their mind. It will only make the situation worse. It may even open up a window of opportunity for the superiors of the company to look at your file and find something that they can use against you. It is always best to keep your mouth shut. Just  smile and nod.

The only opinions that matter are opinions of the local food. Hello from India!

30) Stupid Rules

It is okay to have a coffee mug on your desk… but it is against policy to have a resealable soda bottle with a twist-off cap. A twist-off cap would prevent 100% of liquid spilling onto your desk whereas a coffee mug would prevent 0%. Who comes up with these stupid rules? Your company has so many stupid rules. You swear these people have no logic at all!

31) No Chance at Promotion

It doesn’t matter how long you have worked for this company, how good you are, how compliant you are, how much money you make for this company, or how friendly you are to your co-workers and bosses – it simply doesn’t matter… you know that you will never be able to get a promotion. Your company would rather give the job to an outsider than to promote someone from within. It’s cheaper that way.

32) Bosses Play ‘Favorites’

Everybody knows a co-worker who is a suck-up. The boss loves him/her. When this co-worker is around other co-workers, they behave totally differently. Obviously, the boss is oblivious to this, and they play favorites to this particular employee. 

Work Depression Is No Joke

If you have experienced one or more of these frustrating working environments, for any length of time, then I think it is time for you to consider going on an organized tour to relieve some of the stress.

Sometimes we just need to unwind for a while and distance ourselves from work. If you don’t, this pressure just keeps building and building until we snap. What will happen when you snap? I’m not sure. Everybody is different. But it’s usually not good.

Share this article with some of your co-workers and see what score they get. Who has the highest score?


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