How To Use iVisa To Get a Tourist Visa

As someone who has been traveling the world for several years, I can honestly tell you that one of my least favorite parts about traveling the world is the process of obtaining a Travel Visa. There have been times where I almost wanted to pull the hair out of my head because the Visa process was so stressful. Not joking.

In this article, I will show you the steps necessary to obtain a Travel Visa without hardly lifting a finger. The key is to use a trusted agency who does all of the leg-work for you. Let’s take a look..

Use iVisa to get a tourist visa
How many Visas are in YOUR passport? 🙂

Steps To Get A Tourist Visa through iVisa

  1. Go To
  2. Select Country of Current Passport
  3. Select Your Destination
  4. Read All Given Info & FAQ’s
  5. Select Desired Visa
  6. Fill Out The Forms
  7. Pay The Visa Fee
  8. Receive eVisa via Email
  9. Print Your eVisa Documents
  10. Present Printed Documents To Immigration Officer

1) Go To iVisa Website

You should instantly see a box that allows you to enter the country that you are from, as well as your destination country.

2) Select Country of Current Passport

You need to select the country that you are from. You should be holding a passport from this particular country. It is important that you do not select the country that you are currently in (if you are currently traveling in a foreign country other than your home country).

iVisa will help you after you input your home country and destination.

3) Select Your Destination

This is the country that you are trying to obtain a tourist Visa from.

4) Read All Given Info & FAQ’s

Once you arrive on this page, depending on the country, there should be lots of different technical and helpful information. Be sure to read every word of this, including the frequently asked questions.

FAQ's for iVisa
Always read through the FAQ’s in regards to your specific Visa.

There are usually answers to questions that you did not even think to ask. Much of this information will directly affect you. For example, there may be information about immunization requirements. Maybe there’s information about which airports you are allowed to fly into and  which airports will reject you upon entry.

I bet you would be rather frustrated if you obtained a Tourist Visa but you flew into one of the airports that does not accept first time arrivals. Or, you flew into the correct airport, but because you don’t have a certain vaccine, you are rejected at the border. Again, please read all of this information to prevent delays or hassles during your trip.

Always read about the visa
Important Visa information.

5) Select Desired Visa

Depending on your home country and depending on your destination country, iVisa offers both eVisas and paper Visas – such as tourism, medical, business, and others.

There are some cases where Visas are not required, but other forms of documentation are. iVisa can also help with this. These are Visa Travel Documents such as Tourist Cards, Pre-Registration for Visas on Arrival, Tourist Invitation Letters, Embassy Registration Service, as well as Electronic Travel Authorization.

Select the proper visa for your trip.
Select the proper visa for your trip. Tourist Visa? Business Visa? Medical Visa?

6) Fill Out The Forms

  • Depending on which country you are from and which country you plan to visit, the questions will be different. Read them all carefully and fill them in correctly.
  • Providing an agency with some of your most sensitive information and/or documents can be a bit intimidating. However iVisa tries to ease the tension by providing a lot of information in regards to this very topic. All transfers of information are encrypted and all the stored information in their database is encrypted as well. They even state that your data is your own data, and that they will never license or share any information with a third party. Good!
Fill out the visa forms through iVisa
Once you have selected the proper visa, it’s time to start filling out the form.

7) Pay The Visa Fee

This is a pretty straightforward process. They accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal.

iVisa clearly displays a total price.
Easy to understand Visa costs

8) Receive An eVisa Via Email

Copies of documents will be sent to you via email. The time it takes for documents to arrive in your email inbox may vary depending on which country you are from, your country of destination, which documents were required by the local government, and also whether or not you paid for expedited service.

iVisa offers express options
Need an express Visa?

9) Print Your eVisa Documents

The e-Visa, or other important documents may need to be printed out and presented to an immigration officer upon arrival. Documents generally need to be printed on a piece of blank A4 paper. Also note that you should never print double sided. One piece of paper should only have information printed on one side.

10) Present Printed Documents To Immigration Officer

You need to follow the instructions given to you on the website or in your email. Every country will have slightly different instructions along with slightly different documents that are necessary.

But generally, the documents that have been issued to you through iVisa, should be printed and given to an immigration officer after you have arrived to your destination country. Be sure you have all of the necessary documents before you arrive!

Why Use iVisa for Travel Visas? 

Travel Visas can sometimes be very time-consuming and downright complicated. Get Travel Visas the Easy Way with companies like iVisa can save you time and frustration! 

One of the worst experiences I ever had was when I tried to apply for an Indian Visa. This was before I knew about iVisa.

The official government website of India had conflicting information, everything was written by a non-native English speaker and so certain questions just didn’t make sense, and I had to call and speak with Representatives multiple times and wait on hold for ridiculous amounts of time. In total, I spent about 12 hours for this entire process. I’m dead serious! Like I said at the beginning of this article, I literally wanted to pull the hair out of my head. 

I am glad to see that iVisa provides a service that virtually eliminates the stress of the applicant.

If You Are A Dual Citizen

Note: If you hold two separate passports, I recommend searching for tourist Visas via both passports (using the iVisa site). There may be a benefit, such as a cheaper price, when using one passport vs. the other.


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